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FLOil is a sustainable source of energy for Animals. Inclusion in feeds improves animal’s health. 

Characterized by:

Highly Digestible Fatty Acids, High Palatability, High SFA and Lauric Acid content (antimicrobial properties)


12 Month

Net Weight: 

25 L

Why FLOil

FLOil Benefit for


Rich in saturated fatty acid, in particular Lauric Acid with beneficial health effects on fish and shrimp. Reduce mortality rate

Partial replacement of FO improved immunity of barramundi and did not alter the flesh quality (source)


Nutritional profile of BSF Oil fits very well with pigs requirement

Lauric acid, helps improve the intestinal health of animals, especially piglets

BSF Oil linearly increased pig body weight and average daily gain


BSF Oil showed comparable results on growth performance, meat quality, and sensory properties

It is an energy substitute as a dietary fat source in the broiler diet

Pet Food

Healthy fat replacement for kibble coating

High in beneficial omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, BSF Oil boosts pet's health

FLOil – Organic – High protein

Manufacturing Flow Chart

Our oil is a unique source of energy, tailored for monogastric species such as poultry and swine. Thermomechanically extracted from pasturised larvae dried at low temperature. A source of crude fat, with high palatability, for use as a feed ingredient in aquaculture, poultry feeds, and other animal feeds.