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Dry BSF Powder


FLMeal is a free-flowing defatted black soldier fly larvae meal.

Product Benefit:
Highly digestible amino acids, rich in antimicrobial peptides (enhance animal’s immunity and better disease resistance), high palatability, and low environmental footprint.


12 month

Net Weight:

20 kg

Main Application Areas:
Pet Food • Aquafeed • Poultry • Swine

Dry & Shaded area • Room Temperature

Composition g/100g
Crude Protein (min) 60
Crude Fibre (max) 15
Crude Fat (max) 10
Ash (max) 10
Moisture (max) 10

Why FL Meal

FLMEAL Benefit for


Total replacement of fish meal with BSFL meal in the diets of sea-water Atlantic Salmon is possible while providing the same benefits

Improves animal microbiota and optimize animal health

Increase immune response and improve survival in Fish farming

BSFL incorporation into the sturgeon diet improved fish growth performance and is more profitable than FM and FO application


BSF larvae and pre-pupae meals can be used as ingredients to increase health and performance of layer hens and completely replace Soybean based feed.


BSF meal demonstrated a significant increase in feed conversion, growth (body weight gain) and carcass traits of finisher pigs.

Pet Food

Proteins from BSF contain all essential amino acids that carnivores like dogs and cats need. Calcium, Iron, B-complex vitamins and more

The antioxidant profile of BSF protein have a health-promoting effect when included in Pet Food

BSF protein helps to sustain immune system in ageing pets

BSF meal is filled with digestible lipids and antimicrobial components

Mars and Nestle pet food divisions have begun selling dog and cat food including insect protein

FLMeal – Organic – High protein

Manufacturing Flow Chart

FLMeal produced from the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly, grown in a fully controlled environment using an optimized and safe feedstock sourced from clean, traceable supplies of pre-consumer fruits, vegetables and grains in strict compliance with EU regulations and production standards. Our product offers a range of positive impacts for monogastric animals’ health and performance.