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100%  Natural Fertilizer

FLFrass can be applied as a soil conditioner for all type of plants and crops

Product Description:

Natural mix of larvae residues and chitin-rich exoskeleton, FLFrass is nutrient dense in N-P-K and other minerals. Chitin enhances plant natural defenses against pathogens and stimulates growth.


12 Month

Net Weight:

25 Kg

Main Application Areas:
Pet Food • Aquafeed • Poultry • Swine

Dry & Shaded area • Room Temperature

Organic Matter 20%
N 3.2
P 2.9
K 1

Why FLFrass

FLFrass Benefit for

Natural organic fertilizer, providing nutrients and minerals easily assimilated by the plants

Boost soil organic carbon content and stimulates beneficial microorganisms

Increases plant tolerance to abiotic stresses and resistance to pathogens

FLFrass – Organic Fertilizer

Manufacturing Flow Chart

FLFrass is composed of larvae frass and non digested organic substrate. Chemical fertilizers degrade soil quality over time, stripping the soil of its natural microbes and nutrients. BSF Fertilizer does the opposite and encourages healthy soil for naturally lush plant growth.