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About Flylab

Flylab is an Agritech company built with an experienced team that has years of proven track in the Insect industry. We harness the bioconversion power of the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to recycle agricultural waste into Food for Animals and Plants. We want to disrupt the use of very unsustainable protein ingredients such as fishmeal and soybean meal and replace it with a more sustainable, more natural and more nutritious protein: the BSFL Meal. We are the future of sustainable animal feed.

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Our Goals

Our long-term goal is to make our food system more sustainable. We can reduce our negative impact on the environment by using BSF. We can strengthen and improve our supply chains by recycling waste and producing new animal feed locally. In our factories, we use cutting-edge technology to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint. We also provide higher-quality feed for animals and plants.

Our Missions

The animal feed (Aqua, poultry, cattle, pet food) industry currently uses unsustainable protein sources such as soy protein and fishmeal, as well as fish oil, which contributes to biodiversity loss and environmental damage. Flylab’s plan is to repair our broken food system by introducing a more sustainable option that also benefits animal health.

Meet us

Experienced Team

Nicolas Bery
Chief Executive Officer

Msc Business Management 10 years as an entrepreneur in the insect industry.

Cyril Caujolle
Chief Commercial Officer

MBA with 10 years of experience in sales management and 5 years in the insect industry.

Astasit Kaewnanuer, Phd
Sales Director

20 years experience in Technical Sales of Animal Feed Ingredients in SEA. Managed accounts including CP, Cargill, Thai Union, Nestle, and Mars Petcare.

Sai Thongprasert
Supply Chain Manager

10+ years of experience in supply chain development and management, with 5 years of expertise in the insect industry.

Wayne Mason
Operations Manager

20+ years experience in Project Management. Experienced in the implementation of large-scale global projects.

Aubin Bernard

5+ years of entomology and insect rearing experience, including breeding over 100 different species of insects on laboratory and industrial scales.

“BSF meal addresses several of the sustainability concerns that face the aquaculture industry,”

Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons, Department of Environmental Science, University of Arizona.