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Improving our food system
one fly at a time

Flylab is fixing our broken food system by bringing a more sustainable option that also contributes to a better animal health.

Mission & Impact

Our Goal

The animal feed (Aqua, Poultry, Cattle, Pet food) industry currently uses unsustainable protein sources such as Soy protein, Fishmeal and Fish oil, which contributes to biodiversity loss and harms the environment.

Circular Economy

We feed our insects agricultural byproducts that would otherwise go to waste.
The BSFM Manure is then used as plant fertilizer.

Conserve natural resources

We use cutting-edge technology to optimize resources such as feed, water, and land in a climate-controlled environment, including IOT, deep tech, vertical farming, and robotics.

Improve animal and plant nutrition

According to research, using black soldier fly meal improves fish industry growth. It is also hypoallergenic for your pets.


About Flylab

Flylab is an Agritech company built with an experienced team that has years of proven track in the Insect industry. We harness the bioconversion power of the Black Soldier Fly (BSFL) to recycle agricultural waste into Food for Animals and Plants. We want to disrupt the use of unsustainable protein ingredients such as fishmeal and soybean meal land replace it with a more sustainable, natural and more nutritious protein: BSFL Meal. We are the future of sustainable animal feed.

More about us

What our clients say

The quality of Flylab’s product is one of the best. It contains the highest protein in Southeast Asia so that is why we Sanyo Trading decided to invest and collaborate with Flylab to challenge to reduce the negative impact for the future through BSF products.

Hiroshi Furusawa
Hiroshi Furusawa
Sales Manager of Life Science Division of Sanyo Trading Asia

When we found out about Flylab and got the samples. Flylab can offer protein content of more than 60% consistently and that’s why we tried it then we started to do the trial with the shrimps and the results are quite good in comparison to the fishmeal. There’s no significant difference and it can replace fishmeal easily.

Sarawoot Chittratanawat
Sarawoot Chittratanawat
General Manager of Grobest Thailand

Flylab’s meal powder, at 60% protein, is sublime quality and much in demand from customers in many markets. The dried larvae are superb quality too, as is the oil. The Flylab range of BSF products are among the best on the market and thoroughly recommended

Tony Crosbie
Tony Crosbie
Founder of Insect Agrifeed Trade Co
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