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Product Description:

FLDried larvae are High in Protein, Lipids, Calcium, Minerals and Free from Preservatives or Additives. Great source of Amino Acids and Lauric Acid for a Boosted Animal Health and Immune System.
FLDried is the perfect Sustainable Naturally Nutritious Supplement.


12 Month

Net Weight:

20 Kg

Main Application Areas:
Pet Food • Aquafeed • Poultry • Swine

Dry & Shaded area • Room Temperature

Composition g/100g
Crude Protein (min) 35
Crude Fibre (max) 10
Crude Fat (max) 25
Ash (max) 10
Moisture (max) 10

Why FLDried

FLDried Benefit for

FLDried is made from highly nutritious dried Black Soldier Fly larvae that are processed in the best conditions to preserve all the nutrients and nutraceutical benefits.

FLdried is protein-rich and contains naturally high levels of Calcium and Phosphorous.

The combination of Lauric Acid, Antimicrobial peptides and chitin content of the dried larvae boosts the immune systems and promotes a better health.

Recommended as feed supplement for pets, poultry and pigs.

FLDried – Naturally High in Energy

Manufacturing Flow Chart

Our dried larvae are packed with protein, rich in essential amino acids, and full of beneficial fatty acids. Produced sustainably, the larvae, prior to being oven-baked. They are fed pre-consumer and plant based substrate with a mix of roughly. BSFL is also a great source of minerals such as phosphorus while boasting more than 50x the calcium of mealworms